The quiet in the house on this early barely light fall morning allowed in the sound of rain on the metal gutters.  I could feel the chill and see the ground covered with leaves shaken loose during the night. Appreciating the silence, my mind wandered to a few moments of anticipation.  It has been a long time since little feet ran across the wood floor and preschool laughter filled the air, delighting at the smallest and simplest pleasure.  Occasionally a young colleague or friend will be by with a young child for a work event but bed times and awakenings are distant.  When I tried, I could almost bring the memories forward, and closing my eyes, allow them to fill today’s space.

     Tonight that changed.  Three little boys fill the house now for too short a stay, bringing their stories, their hugs and laughter, their happiness to be here, to see I have legos and books and cars.  Even Allie the aged canine seems energized and did a few rapid runs around the hall to entertain and as the boys settled, they  enticed her close for a petting frenzy.

     In bed now, likely not asleep yet, I know they will be the alarm clock I forgot to bring down to where I will sleep, letting their parents have my room close to them. Tomorrow morning’s early light will be different than today’s.  That much I know.

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